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Star Wars Trilogy Posters

Star Wars original trilogy poster set complete

Finally, the last of the Star Wars original trilogy posters is finished, completing the 3 set of prints. The Empire Strikes Back featuring everyone’s favourite loveable rogue, Han Solo, is the final poster in the set that began with the 30th Anniversary Return of the Jedi print. All 3 posters are available to buy at […]

Old Red Jalopy @ Purely Mint

The Old Red Jalopy website is not the only place online where you can buy design prints. A new website for Purely Mint Ltd is also stocking Jalopy posters to buy online. The majority of the Old Red Jalopy poster designs are available to buy here, plus a few extra exclusives. The site is also […]

  • Old Red,
  • June 16, 2012

And the OSCAR goes to… LEGO!

Following on from an early Jalopy design using a LEGO mini-figure in an American Beauty film poster (see here), NextMovie recently commissioned a LEGO re-imagining of the promotional posters for all ten Best Picture OSCAR nominees.

  • Old Red,
  • February 14, 2011
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