Old Red Jalopy

New T-shirt Designs

Our t-shirt store category has been pretty empty recently. So we’ve started to fill it up with some of our more popular designs. Most of these t-shirts are already available through the Purely Mint website (www.purelymint.co.uk) but now you can get them directly through the Jalopy site store. More designs to follow over the next […]

Old Red Jalopy @ Purely Mint

The Old Red Jalopy website is not the only place online where you can buy design prints. A new website for Purely Mint Ltd is also stocking Jalopy posters to buy online. The majority of the Old Red Jalopy poster designs are available to buy here, plus a few extra exclusives. The site is also […]

  • Old Red,
  • June 16, 2012

It’s been a while…

Wow. It really has been a looooong time since my last post. Almost a year in fact – which was when I launched the new Old Red Jalopy website. Obviously, lots has happened since then! A load of new projects for NextMovie.com have gone live as well as a new affiliation with an online retailer […]

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